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I have noticed that I’m getting a lot of views from the Philippines. Any current issues there that I can research and blog about? Looking at the picture to the left, it’s hard to believe that Manila was the second most devastated city in the Second World War. During the end of the occupation, Japanese troops refused to leave the city which ultimately gave rise to the Manila Massacre. In the month of February 1945 numerous atrocities including torture, rape, and murder were conducted by Imperial Japanese soldiers. Civilian casualties also occurred as a result of accidental bombing of nonmilitary targets by the United States military. The victims must be remembered and their story should not be forgotten. Equally, it must be acknowledged that Japanese people are not bad, but rather the individuals and groups who committed these crimes. During April of 2012, the Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines, Toshinao Urabe, reiterated Japan’s apologies for atrocities in the Philippines, declaring, “I also hereby express our heartfelt apologies and deep sense of remorse for the tragedy.” Hopefully we can learn from these terrible events of the past to create a better and more peaceful future.


This is a NBC News Report about sexual slavery and child prostitution in Cambodia. Many of the victims seem to be somewhere around the age of seven  or possibly even younger. The problem is not limited to underdeveloped nations, however, as 161 countries are reported to be affected by human trafficking by being a source, transit, or destination point. If you live near a major city or urban area, there is a good probability that it is occurring within several miles of your home. According to United Nations Human Trafficking Statistics, it has been confirmed that 2.5 million people at any given period are currently forced into labor, while 90 percent of these victims experience physical and sexual violence (It is estimated that the number could be as high as 30 million). 1.4 million of these victims are in Asia and the Pacific. 1.2 million are children under the age of 18. For every 800 victims trafficked for forced labor and/or sexual exploitation, only 1 perpetrator is convicted. Even more disconcerting is that sexual slavery generates an estimated global profit of $31.6 billion dollars annually, making it larger than many present day economies.

Please help raise awareness about this inhuman and widespread crime and see below how you can get involved.