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Tayme Canencia                One Heart Philippines

This is my WordPress friend Tayme Canencia from Manila. Isn’t she beautiful? She has some really interesting blogs including some on her volunteer experiences. One of the volunteer organizations she is involved in is One Heart Philippines. One Heart Philippines is a charity devoted to providing happiness and care to children and the elderly in Republic of the Philippines. They do some really great things. One of their latest activities was an event at the Hospital for Special Children in San Jose. Let me know if there is a charity or organization you want me to share. Please check out their Facebook link and Tayme’s blog below to see more.

Tayme’s blog:

One Heart Philippines Facebook page:

  1. taymecanencia said:

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    BIG THANK YOU “East Asian and Pacific Affairs”, a blog that is “Viewing Current and Historical Issues that Affect the Asia-Pacific Region”. And for featuring ONE HEART PHILIPPINES. We have wonderful places and good tourist destinations here in the Philippines, too. And there are many kind-hearted people who joined in this kind of Organizations to help our fellow Filipinos that are in need. Let us all support these groups! We can also be the reason for the happiness of others… Please like One Heart Philippines Facebook Page:

    Thank you again to my co-blogger:

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