United States Military Presence on Okinawa in the Ryukyu Islands

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The United States has held a military presence on the Japanese island since the Battle of Okinawa in 1945. During the battle over 150,000 civilians lost their lives. Since the occupation, multiple cases of rape, murder, and crime have been committed by United States military personnel. It must be acknowledged that he United States military and government condemn such acts, have issued formal apologies, and those responsible have been prosecuted. Furthermore, a number of men and women in the United States military have shown respect toward the Okinawan people by participating in local charities and working hard to establish stronger bonds with the islanders. Nevertheless, many Okinawan citizens understandably want the United States military to leave, citing that pollution, noise levels, and crime are overwhelming the small island. The unincorporated territory of Guam has expressed interest in welcoming the transfer and establishment of new military bases as an alternative to the problem.

What are your opinions about the military presence and do you think the transfer of bases to Guam would be a postive solution?

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  1. I think it would be a good solution, but it doesn’t change the fact that America now has a reputation to deal with.

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